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Quaderni di Bioinformatica


The International chemometrics Society (ICS) gives the following definition: “Chemometrics is the science of relating the measurements made on a system or a chemical process system state through the application of mathematical or statistical.” This is chemiometry then a science that is based on using mathematical and statistical methods for solving multivariate problems. Other definitions “chemometrics is the use of mathematical and statistical methods for handling, interpreting, and Predicting chemical date.” Malinowski, É.R. (1991) Factor Analysis in Chemistry, Second Edition. “The entire process whereby data (eg, numbers in a table) are Transformed into information used for decision making.” Beebe, K.R., Pell R.J., and M.B. Seasholtz. (1998) chemometrics: A Practical Guide. “That chemometrics is disciplines in chemical uses mathematics, statistics and formal logic (a) to design or select optimal experimental Procedures (b) to Provide maximum relevant chemical information by analyzing chemical data, and (c) to Obtain knowledge about chemical systems. ” Massart, D.L., et al. (1 997).

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