Patricia Tomè


Dr Patricia Rodriguez-Tomè obtained her Master degree in Mathematics in 1981 at the University of Paris-Sud in Orsay (France), in 1983 her PhD in Physics from University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris (France) and in 1986 her second PhD in Seismology from the University of Tokyo. In 1987 she began her bioinformatics career at CEPH, institute created by Medicine Nobel Prize Prof Jean Dausset, with the management of data for the first high throughput sequencing project in France. From 1990 she is responsible of the data management for the Généthon laboratory. In 1994 she moves to UK to work in the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) as an R&D Team Leader, where she collaborates to International projects like the “Human Genome Project”. In 2000 she moves to Geneva to work in GeneProt, a biotech proteomics company, heading the databases and data management group. Since september 2005 she is working at CRS4, in Sardinia, heading a group offering services in Bioinformatics and cheminformatics. She specialized in data management  data integration and databases for the OMICS.


Selected Publications

MMsINC: a large-scale chemoinformatics database. Joel Masciocchi, Gianfranco Frau, Marco Fanton, Mattia Sturlese, Matteo Floris, Luca Pireddu, Piergiorgio Palla, Fabian Cedrati, Patricia Rodriguez-Tomé and Stefano Moro. Nucl. Acids Res. 2009 37: D284-D290.

In vitro and in silico processes to identify differentially expressed proteins. Allet N, Barrillat N, Baussant T, Boiteau C, Botti P, Bougueleret L, Budin N, Canet D, Carraud S, Chiappe D, Christmann N, Colinge J, Cusin I, Dafflon N, Depresle B, Fasso I, Frauchiger P, Gaertner H, Gleizes A, Gonzalez-Couto E, Jeandenans C, Karmime A, Kowall T, Lagache S, Mahe E, Masselot A, Mattou H, Moniatte M, Niknejad A, Paolini M, Perret F, Pinaud N, Ranno F, Raimondi S, Reffas S, Regamey PO, Rey PA, Rodriguez-Tome P, Rose K, Rossellat G, Saudrais C, Schmidt C, Villain M, Zwahlen C. Proteomics. 2004 4(8):2333-51.

Industrial-scale proteomics: from liters of plasma to chemically synthesized proteins. Rose K, Bougueleret L, Baussant T, Bohm G, Botti P, Colinge J, Cusin I, Gaertner H, Gleizes A, Heller M, Jimenez S, Johnson A, Kussmann M, Menin L, Menzel C, Ranno F, Rodriguez-Tome P, Rogers J, Saudrais C, Villain M, Wetmore D, Bairoch A, Hochstrasser D. Proteomics. 4(7):2125-50 (2004).

A radiation hybrid map of mouse genes. Hudson TJ, Church DM, Greenaway S, Nguyen H, Cook A, Steen RG, Van Etten WJ, Castle AB, Strivens MA, Trickett P, Heuston C, Davison C, Southwell A, Hardisty R, Varela-Carver A, Haynes AR, Rodriguez-Tome P, Doi H, Ko MS, Pontius J, Schriml L, Wagner L, Maglott D, Brown SD, Lander ES, Schuler G, Denny P. Nat Genet. 29(2):201-5 (2001).

A radiation hybrid transcript map of the mouse genome. Avner P, Bruls T, Poras I, Eley L, Gas S, Ruiz P, Wiles MV, Sousa-Nunes R, Kettleborough R, Rana A, Morissette J, Bentley L, Goldsworthy M, Haynes A, Herbert E, Southam L, Lehrach H, Weissenbach J, Manenti G, Rodriguez-Tome P, Beddington R, Dunwoodie S, Cox RD. Nat Genet. 29(2):194-200 (2001).


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